Debunking Popular Swimming Pool Myths with Pool Mart

For those envisaging their dream summer experience around the pool, it is vital to separate fact from fiction. A certain speciality of Pool Mart is unraveling the many misconceptions concerning swimming pools. Today’s blog post will do just that, as we debunk some common yet misleading pool myths.

Myth 1: Chlorine Turns Blonde Hair Green

Many people blame chlorine for turning their blonde hair green after a swim, whereas the true culprit lies elsewhere. Copper compounds found in the pool’s water are primarily responsible for this sudden change. To counteract this, Pool Mart offers a wide range of filters that effectively remove excess metals from your pool water.

Myth 2: Clear Water Indicating Good Health

A clear pool is undoubtedly an inviting sight, but it doesn’t always indicate a healthy, balanced pool. Many harmful agents such as bacteria and viruses may still lurk beneath the clear surface. For a thorough, reliable check of your pool’s health, Pool Mart provides accurate water testing services.

Myth 3: More Chlorine Means Cleaner Pool

Excess chlorine is as harmful as its lack. Over-chlorination can lead to eye, skin, and respiratory issues for swimmers. Pool Mart prescribes the right quantity of chlorine required for your pool, ensuring your safety without compromising the pool’s cleanliness.

Myth 4: You Need to Wait After Eating to Swim

Contrary to popular belief, the threat of cramps after a full meal while swimming is largely exaggerated. Although it’s prudent to avoid vigorous exercise directly after a heavy meal, a casual swim poses little discomfort or danger. However, for those who swim as an exercise routine, consider engaging in our fitness services at Pool Mart.

In conclusion, it’s essential to be informed and aware when it comes to your swimming pool. If you have other misconceptions or queries, our experts at Pool Mart are ready and willing to answer any questions you have.