Your Ultimate Guide to Activities in Ohio Amidst Your Heating and Cooling Services

Having your Furnace Replacement, Heater Installation, Heating Repair, Furnace Service, or Heating Service in Bethel, OH, Amelia, OH, Withamsville, OH, New Richmond, OH, or Batavia, OH? Why not turn it into a mini-vacation? There’s plenty to explore! Here’s our guide to fun things to do around these areas.

Outdoor Adventures in Bethel, OH

Firstly, schedule your heating and cooling services around some outdoorsy fun. East Fork State Park in Bethel, OH is perfect for that. This expanse of vibrant greenery offers plenty of trails for hiking and mountain biking. It’s also home to a serene lake that’s excellent for fishing or boating.

Meetings or discussions regarding your Furnace Repair can be less daunting when nestled amongst the trees and birdsong of East Fork State Park. Keep this location in mind when scheduling your maintenance appointments!

Amelia’s Heritage and Attractions

Going through a heater installation in Amelia, OH? While we handle the job, you can spend your time understanding the heritage of the location. Take a walk through the Amelia Historical District, visit the local museums, or admire the beautiful historical architecture.

Next, feel the excitement rush at the Jet Express Speedway, a heart-pounding go-kart track. With our expert team on the job, you’ll have enough free time to make a day of it!

Enjoy the Scenery in Withamsville, OH

Last but not least, Withamsville, OH, is for those who enjoy breathtaking sceneries. Juilfs Park is the perfect place to relax and take in nature’s glory. Let the peace envelop you as our team ensures your heating repair or furnace service is seamless and efficient.

From Bethel to Batavia, Ohio is a treasure chest of fun and relaxation waiting to be explored. And remember, the Kellerman Heating & Cooling team is here to look after all your heating and cooling needs, allowing you to make the best out of your time in this vibrant state.