Over A Decade and a Half on the Job: A Day in the Life of a KNA Roofing Employee

It might seem daunting to understand the grind and stress that comes with working in a field as dynamic and challenging as roofing. But for us at KNA Roofing, it’s all in a day’s work. For over 15 years, we’ve been proudly serving communities in New York and New Jersey, providing top-quality roofing solutions that stand the test of time.

Our Morning Routine

Each day begins early with a team huddle to discuss the day’s schedule. Over steaming cups of coffee, we map out our tasks, taking great care to prioritize safety and efficiency. Next, we gear up, double-check our equipment, and load our sturdy trucks with all the necessary supplies. Customer satisfaction is our prime focus, so our motto remains “do it right the first time.”

Heading to the Job Site

Arriving at our job site, we assess the roofing situation, ensuring we have a clear grasp of what needs to be done. Lunchtime often finds us on the roofs, grabbing a quick bite while marveling at the sky-high view of the cityscape – a definite perk of the job.

Afternoon Tasks

Our afternoon tracks the morning’s pace, as we continue to work meticulously on the roofs. Be it laying new shingles, spotting leaks, or performing routine checks, we make sure every project gets our best effort. A typical day might wrap up with us handling any remaining customer inquiries or preparing for the next day’s tasks.

Ending the Day

Just as our day starts with a team huddle, it ends with one, too. Evening finds us reviewing our work and ensuring the job site is as clean as we found it. We head home with a sense of satisfaction, knowing we’ve made another home safer and more structurally secure.

Over the years, our dedication and commitment have remained steadfast. It’s a responsibility we carry proudly, for every roof we work on is a statement of our skill and dedication. Here’s to many more years of serving New York and New Jersey with high-quality roofing solutions.